Summer Sledding, Salvadoran style   Leave a comment

Kids will come up with anything. On my walk today, I rounded the corner after the “cancha” (soccer field) and saw a bunch of kids at the end of the street, at the top of the hill. They were woopin’ and hootin’ and hollerin’ away, and I could see them sliding down the pavement, which has a steep grade, over 45 degrees.

Being from North America and having never seen anything like this, I wondered what in the heck they were sliding on. As I approached I saw that they had flattened 2 liter bottles of soda pop and were sliding on them. One kid has a super think piece of plywood he had his little brother on, while he ‘steered him’ from the back.

It was hysterical. And most inventive, I might add. How to sled summer style.

Deslizando en El Salvador en el Verano.

Posted January 21, 2011 by El Salvador from the Inside in Living in El Salvador

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