Flat Tires are Frequent   Leave a comment

Get a flat tire is a frequent experience for us in El Salvador.  Out here in the country, roads are treacherous for sedan-style cars.  They'[re reiddle diwht potholde, lumps, and bumps, and diret roads swith high and low spots scrape your car’s underside.  A truck would have been more practical, but with gas at 20-25% more here than the U.S. a sedan it was.

Our extra tire had a flat, and before we could fix it, out went the air on the rear right tire.  We borrowed a doughnut from a friend and went to fix out flats on the way to Chalatenango.  They fixed it with a plug and off we went.  Well, a half mile down the road we heard a distinct popping sound.  Woops.  Looks like some barbed wire got a tire this time, same one we just fixed!   We bought two ‘softly used’ tires on the way back from Chalate for 35 bucks.  We’re hoping they’ll serve us for a few months.


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