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Pictured here are some young men from our neighborhood, including a brother-in-law in my family.  I’ll call them the backstreet boys, though in rural El Salvador, they’re more back-road boys; but teenagers all the same, who share the same energy and sentiment as teens worldwide.

9 neighborhood boys are seen in this picture, taken a good five years ago.  4 out of 9 have migrated to the United States at one point; of those, 3 are there now.

Of the 6 currently here in El Salvador, 3 are working  nearby (2 at a corral, 1 at a bank, with hopes of career ascent).  3 of the remaining 6 here in El Salvador are currently unemployed.

Migration patterns like this are prevalent in our neighborhood; every family has at least one family member in the United States, if not several.   Almost everyone I talk with has someone in their direct family in America.  Anyone who doesn’t comes from a very small family or is a single mother, whose abandoned child is likely – you know where – in the U.S.!

Posted January 30, 2010 by El Salvador from the Inside in Living in El Salvador

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