A Trip to the Clinic   2 comments

We went to the clinic just out of the neighborhood and down the road in Obrajuelo to see about a back pain Irene has been having for several days, and Don Cleto for some minor issues. Both Irene and Don Cleto got all gussied up for our short journey. Irene wetted her hair down, combed it all out and twirled her loose pony tail into a coil; Cleto wore his pale colored straw hat and brown leather shoes for the occasion.

When we got to the clinic we were lucky, no one was there but the two women on staff; instant service.

The visit did not go without the requisite questions or comments that often come; the nurses asking how do I like it in El Salvador, surprised how well I speak Spanish, and gee what a big deal it is I would move all the way here, isn’t my husband lucky to have me. (Oh how I wished he were there to hear that!).

In the waiting room, I became engaged  at a poster about breastfeeding; it was very educational, with photos, information and advice. Every poster in the clinic was about healthcare for children, breastfeeding, or family nutrition, and all of the posters had either the USAID symbol in the left corner or the UNICEF one on the right.

Conspiracy theories say USAID is a “front for the CIA”. Maybe so, but from what I observed today, they’re doing at least a bit of good in El Salvador.

2 responses to “A Trip to the Clinic

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  1. USAID is not a front for the CIA. Lots of movies and novels spin intricate tales of intrigue of agents and straw corporations being set up in Banana Republics to overthrow latin dictators and regimes; have you ever heard the saying, “Lies and paradoxes are guardians of the truth.” That should be the motto of the CIA.

    The truth of it from my own eyes and experience is that the CIA and it’s counterparts are not the most fastidious or detail oriented and blunders or failures are more common than success. When success does come, it’s usually luck. With a higher reliance on technology and micro-chips, the art of crafting handmade plots, wining-dining a traitorous informant or bribing officials has gone to the wayside.

    CIA have case workers that work out of most US Embassies. El Salvador’s US Embassy is freaking gigantic as you may know. It houses members of the USMC FAST security force, US Ambassadors, State Department special agents (clear passports and investigate immigration fraud) and members of Homeland Security. The CIA case worker’s job is not to slink through dark alleys or meet drug lords to seal a deal. They cultivate segments of the population for intelligence depending on what the flavor of the day dictates. Often time they are very mundane topics such as cultivating info on hospital equipment, exporters or importers from China, developing informants from various organizations which could include USAID, Red Cross. The case workers are there to set up, pay and maintain contact with people or assets that can become useful at a later time should there be a coup d’etat, civil unrest or other emergency.

    USAID and Red Cross don’t support clandestine services but unwittingly they have employees within who work for people they believe to be money donors, medical supply companies and such; when in reality these companies are actually the CIA front. Most USAID or Red Cross employees would not knowingly work with clandestine services but unwittingly? Yes…and it happens. The reason why CIA like to trick USAID or Red Cross workers is that these organizations usually have unfettered access to enemy nations and hostiles under the auspice of humanitarian assistance. This open access is valuable for intelligence gathering and allows CIA to determine the health or illness of an an enemy nation or enemy combatant group.

    CIA have set up similar businesses all over the world; currently they have very active projects in South America; you can probably guess which country. They often set up benign businesses such as produce exporters to Asia, USA, Canada using agents who are not “gringo”. So you might have an Asian American or Muslim American running a business which is actually a CIA straw company that is not supposed to draw suspicion from the goon squad.

    As far as dirty work goes. CIA don’t use cartoonish characters like Jason Bourne. They have security contract companies who then subcontract out to another local company. That company will then subcontract out to an independent who could be former military, police or criminal. It’s layered 3-4 times away which is why when things happen, there is often no direct tie to its genesis. If you research Google, you’ll see some news snippets that never made it beyond a short mention during the Honduran uprising.

    When President Zelaya was ousted, there was a flurry of socialists who formed a committee to help demonstrators protest and reinstate Zelaya. Several of the protest organizers were very close to Zelaya. Both died by gunshot while coming off a bus; no one heard the shots but they collapsed suddenly only to be found with bullet wounds. It’s a dirty game but that’s often how the animal kingdom plays its paltry game.

  2. Don, I have learned more about the CIA in your paragraphs than I would have liked to know all at once (giggle). Like bitter medicine, easier when taken in small teaspoonfuls then one big gulp. I did not know that about the Zelaya friends, but certainly does not suprise me. I don’t know how much real substance there is behind U.S. complete paranoia over anything that looks even faintly like socialism. Ironic, when they practice corporate socialism daily. Any form of socialism is a ‘dangerous evil’ when helping the poor, but when you bail out corporations who later do not invest in their country or workers with their new profits (thanks to bailout $), it’s termed ‘preventing a 2nd Great Depression’.

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