Scorpian Encounter II – El Salvador   4 comments

Scorpian "Alacran": post-humus, El Salvador

This is one of my all-time favorite insect moments in El Salvador.   My husband went into the shower without his towel, and asked me to bring it to him.  I went into the bedroom and pulled the towel off our plastic assemble-it-yourself closet, walking through the family room and patio, and into the bathroom with it.  Not 30 seconds later I hear a half scream, half yell, “Yenny!”  I go running into the bathroom to see my red-faced husband, now accusing me of “planting a Scorpian” in his towel.  “Are you OK?  What can I do?”  I asked.    “Nothing NOW!”  he said.    “So now what?  To the hospital?  Have you been stung before?”   “No, No, No,”  he says.   The won’t kill you, at least not this kind of Alacran.  Jesus had never been stung before, and explained how it felt, as it was happening.  The “Alacran” (scorpian) stung him just below his shoulder, above his heart.   He said it first felt like a bee or wasp sting, and later, it felt like small electrical impulses were fanning out from the sting – they were very odd sensations.  The crazy part is that I carried the towel all the way from inside the house into the bathroom and never got stung.   To this day my husband still half believes this was “Towel Sabatoge” and that I intentionally “delivered” him a biological weapon.


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4 responses to “Scorpian Encounter II – El Salvador

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  1. Bummer, Yenny wtf? Hope Jesus is ok, go to the clinic or ER just in case. I spray the outside of the house and yard 4 x’s a year. I also put glue traps in the house in many corners both inside and in the garage. it really helps.

    • The Scorpions here are as harmful as a bee or wasp – but with wierd sensations like my husband had. But where YOU live…got any Arizona Bark Scorpions around there? Wiki says they are usually not lethal unless you are a small animal or very small child, but sting can be very painful. Also says in the 1980s there was a problem with them in Mexico and up to 800 pp died.

    • oh – anyone you know of in NV that has been stung by a Scorpion there? Curious what happened.

  2. This is hilarious! I love the photo of the post-humus alacran!

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